Why It’s Now Just Business And Never Religion

The money doesn’t know where it came from nor to where it is going.

The marriage between social and fiscal conservatives has separated. The differences are irreconcileable, and divorce is imminent.
All of the signs were there. While social conservatives were focused on fighting social liberals tooth and nail on all fronts, their supposed capitalist partners and allies were subverting them at every turn.

It’s Just Business

Contraception certainly does not promote sex only within marriage and only for procreative purposes (like Bristol Palin does or doesn’t), yet it is widely accepted and readily sold across all states in the union. That doesn’t sound socially conservative at all.
Porn can be ordered on demand. Music, movies and television produce content humanizing, and at times glorifying extramarital sex, violence, drugs, and homosexuality. Prominent conservatives Clint Eastwood, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ted Nugent come to mind. Apple, probably the most influential tech company on the planet, has a CEO in Tim Cook who is gay. Some of the most vocal opponents of Religious Freedom Restoration Acts and Confederate Flags were major corporations including Walmart, Target and Amazon.
America’s major corporations have become socially liberal though they are still staunchly capitalist. This is most likely due to shareholders, customers, employees and competition that are all now global. Offending groups of people means giving up market share to competitors. It’s better to collude with your competitors in deciding what will be available to the consumer on the market. Profiting off of outrage has short term benefits, but branding issues over the long term. Not fulfilling the needs of the outraged market (those who want confederate flags for example) is a risk, but in the opinion of major corporations, is worth taking as to not alienate what they deem to be a larger market against such things.

Isolated and Defeated

This is what has happened to social conservatives in the cultural zeitgeist. Personally, I don’t know what kind of conservative coalition will arise, but I’d imagine it would involve more libertarian types like Rand Paul’s millennial followers. It’s clear that social conservatives can no longer depend on American business to stand with them anymore.