unethical Hillary

The Unethical Hillary and America’s Ugly Misogynist Double Standard

unethical Hillary
Unethical Hillary the wicked witch of the left, has committed the worst ethical crime: She was born a woman.

Unethical Hillary Clinton: The biggest liar in the history of politics. A cheater who thinks she’s above the rules. An unprecedented flip-flopper who should not be trusted to run our country. Just the worst human being to ever run for America’s highest office.

Trump today claimed that Hillary, one of the most unethical people he’s ever known, was lying about things she said in her speech last night, all of which were documented as his having actually said them (which she pointed out). Still, Trump’s constituency doesn’t get hung up on liberal inventions like “facts” and “documentation.”

These ethical worries are also the reasons usually given by Bernie supporters for why they absolutely will not vote for Hillary. They’ll admit that she has the most experience; certainly she’s much more of a politician than Bernie; maybe her plans have been better detailed; and she’s gotten more done over her career; they simply don’t trust her. For a politician to be so untrustworthy that it negates the fact that she’s the most qualified, damn, that must be the biggest scumbag in the history of Democracy.

Or maybe — just maybe — there’s something else at play here, something I can’t quite put my finger on…


Study Shows Women Are Held to a Higher Ethical Standard — Men Grumble That Study is By Women

The study started out on the trace of a fading memory. UPenn Wharton sociologist Mary-Hunter McDonnell had been thinking about something she heard a long time ago, when a law professor, describing a specifically uncrupulous attorney, was met with real shock and awe when he said the attorney was a woman. So McDonnell, Jessica Kennedy from Vanderbilt University and Nicole Stephens from Northwestern ran an experiment where they asked people to judge a professional’s unethical acts. When the person was revealed to be a woman, she was on average handed a considerably harsher fictional sentence. They went through legal records and found women almost twice as likely to be disbarred for improprieties compared to male counterparts. Long story short, they came to one conclusion – women are held to a considerably higher moral standard than men.


Lying Politician Bitch

Killing the Breeze has been saying this practically forever. Certainly this whole election cycle. A few specific examples of the point, though:

Release of records:

  • Donald Trump refuses to release his tax records: Who cares, he can do whatever he wants because he speaks his mind.
  • Bernie still hasn’t released his tax records: Oh, he’s just a simple working man and his wife can’t be bothered to dig up his records and he says he hasn’t made a lot of money anyway.
  • Hillary releases 30 years of tax records but won’t release the transcripts of a private speech she gave to a Wall Street company which was obviously supportive of said company because they were paying her: What is that scumbag bitch hiding?!


  • Trump has flip-flopped on basically every statement he’s made: Who cares, he speaks his mind and minds change.
  • Bernie voted to support gun makers but now embraces gun control; Bernie voted for the Iraq liberation act and now claims to be anti-foreign regime change (even haranguing Hillary for her support of Iraq); he’s gone back and forth on his racial support; he claimed for most of his career that he would never be a member of the Democratic party: These are just course corrections, he’s still as committed to his ideals as any revolutionary. And those totally haven’t changed, despite what the “evidence” shows.
  • Hillary supported the bailout and received Wall Street money but now wants to hold Wall Street accountable; she was for international trade and recently critiqued the TPP; Hillary was pro-2nd amendment in rural campaigns but is now pro-gun-control: She’s an opportunist politician who just says what the people want to hear.


  • Trump claims to be a self-made man but it turns out he could have invested his inheritance in standard index funds and been richer: I watched “The Apprentice,” he’s a great businessman.
  • Bernie constantly points to the wealth and corruption of others and paints himself as a humble average man yet he’s a millionaire with several houses who might employ some shady financial techniques: Okay, so maybe he’s rich, but not as rich as Hillary!
  • Hillary said she and Bill were “dead broke” leaving the White House but they were merely in considerable debt (though with some fatty equity): What a rich bitch!

And finally a roundup of their lies — for this I just ran through their Politifact percentages instead of trying to hit it quote by quote.

  • Trump’s statements were true 2% of the time, mostly true 6% of the time, half true 16%, mostly false 16%, false 41%, pants on fire 19%: Facts just get in the way of truth.
  • Bernie’s statements were true 14% of the time, mostly true 38% of the time, half true 19% of the time, mostly false 18% of the time, false 12% of the time: He’s just, like, you know, an old guy and they’re all small lies anyway.
  • Hillary’s statements were true 23% of the time, mostly true 27% of the time, half true 21% of the time, mostly false 16% of the time, false 12% of the time, pants on fire 1% of the time: What a lying bitch!

Or to create a truth arc:

  • Trump true 2%, Bernie true 14%, Hillary true 23%
  • Trump half true 16% of the time, Bernie half true 18% of the time, Hillary half true 21% of the time
  • Trump false 41%, Bernie false 12%, Hillary 12%

Even take the “Pants on fire” extremes, Trump holds 19%, Bernie has never been a COMPLETE liar (though it must be noted he had considerably fewer statements analyzed than the other two because, well, he hasn’t said anything much before 2012), Hillary has been 1% of the time.

So why is Hillary considered the most egregious liar at the podium? Maybe because of the many scandals haunting her.


Burn Unethical Hillary At the Stake

Hillary has been raked across the coals for years over her role in Benghazi. And the big boss running this witch hunt has been Trey Gowdy. He’s talked about how she’s such a liar; how one of her biggest indiscretions was withholding the truth about Benghazi for political gains; and finally, he said over and over this wasn’t about taking down Hillary the Democratic presidential candidate (which would be a horribly irresponsible waste of public resources) but in fact a search for the truth. And Benghazi has been a buzzword for every GOP candidate as they lined up behind him, again saying that it wasn’t because they wanted to take down Hillary. No, of course not; they just wanted the truth. Howdy is no doubt above reproach on this issue, right? So what about:

Gowdy being called wasteful by a top defense official?

Gowdy accidentally admitting that Benghazi couldn’t have been avoided (especially poignant since this issue shouldn’t be about politics but about American lives and how to save them in the future)?

Gowdy faked Clinton emails?

Or what about Gowdy’s right-hand-man and former GOP rising star Kevin McCarthy’s admission that the trial, a huge expense of taxpayer money and lawmaker time, was all about hurting Clinton at the polls?

So are the right-wing patriots who are only looking for justice taking Gowdy and his team to task for these obvious indiscretions, this blatant bastardization of Congressional hearings and the whoring out of a very real tragedy that happened on American grounds?

Nope. Gowdy is the hero taking down a corrupt, lying politician. And he’s being allowed to drag this out to reveal it at just the opportune moment,  like some vindictive rightist test tube baby of Captain Jack Sparrow and Draco Malfoy, hoping to claim the pirate gold every Republican has been clamoring for since rumblings of the 2016 campaign was belched out of the political gut — taking down a Clinton.

And he’s recently said that if all these did was reveal that she abused her email privileges, then he’s done God’s work.


“Using Private Emails at the Workplace Will Result in Severe Browbeating”

And of course the private emails thing. Hillary must be the first politician to break the golden email rules that government officials are not to use private emails to conduct real business. Considering all the outrage this has elicited, obviously she respects nothing.

But NY Daily News somewhat recently created a shortlist of other government officials who previously used their private emails to conduct government business: Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Karl Rove (while Bush’s top adviser), NY Governor Cuomo and the Chris Christie aide who orchestrated bridgegate. All of whom either were running for president, or VP, or had some involvement with a campaign for the top seat. And all of whom were never taken to task for using their personal emails to conduct business.

So Hillary isn’t any unprecedentedly unscrupulous lying political monster.

Nope. Even among the current final candidates for America’s favorite single-elimination reality show “Moving to The White House,” she’s about on par with her competitors. Her biggest, most unforgivable difference from the others?


…She Has a Vagina

Women are held to a higher standard. I blame the Virgin Mary, who could only be the mother of the son of god if she gave birth without ever having gotten to enjoy sex. And of course there’s the precedent set by several thousand years of patriarchy in which men, being the ones in power, could commit whatever indiscretions they wanted while their wives or girlfriends were supposed to be perfect and if they weren’t, POW! that was a good excuse to kick her to the curb or at least vent his frustration on her. Beatings to the breasted ones who don’t get in line.

So it makes sense that now, on the eve of possibly the first female American POTUS, those same double standards are coming into play.

I expect that from Trump supporters. I wouldn’t be surprised if the National Association of Alcoholic Wife Beaters stood up tomorrow to give an official endorsement for a Trump presidency.

But the Sanders camp? The people supposedly fighting for truth and civil rights, the people who claim to be part of a revolution to push us into a more equal, more humane world free from the prejudices and ignorance of the old system? It’s these people that need to take a long look at who they really are and what they really believe. And their holier-than-Hillary attitudes will take a severe blow if they actually vet their own candidate HALF as much as they’ve vetted Hilldog.

Because maybe — just maybe — they’re repeating the same atavistic, sexist moral high-ground bullshit they were claiming they’re above. Maybe they are (subconsciously, of course) punishing a presidential candidate not because she’s unethical and unscrupulous but merely because she’s a woman. If so, they’ve become anathema to everything they claim to believe in.