Wellness Month

Time to Focus: Wellness Month

Wellness Month
Take your time to do it right.

March is Wellness Month, and it just so happens that the month dedicated to feeling our best coincides with the onset of warmer weather. Too many of us are coming off of this winter feeling sluggish and out of sorts.
Our bodies need upkeep, and since we’ve likely abandoned its needs, now is the time to get back on track and focus. We have to put away the hot chocolate (and extra marshmallows), Netflix binges (cold weather is no longer a good excuse), and give our spirit breathing room and our mind clarity.


Spring is officially in the air as the temperatures have risen above 30 degrees (hallelujah!) We’ve been cooped up and drained by the bitter cold, adjusted to Daylight Savings, and are ready to get back to the action.
As of late, I have focused on the need to challenge negativity and rise above it. There is much to be enthused about, and nearing the spring solstice is no exception.


New beginnings enable us the opportunity to forge positive change. Now is the time to get motivated and energized, to seek out the activities that remained on our ‘to-do’ lists, but got overlooked and forgotten.
Spring equates to renewal, and something we need to incorporate into our nightly routines — beyond the deep cleanses, exfoliation, and moisturizer — is enough sleep. According to the Huffington Post, a survey of over 7,000 U.S. adults indicates that those who reporter more sleep maintained a higher overall wellbeing than those who slept less: “the average well-being score for people who reported getting 8 hours of sleep a night was 65.7 out of 100, compared with 64.2 for those who got 7 hours of sleep and 59.4 for those who got 6 hours of sleep.”


It’s our human nature to say ‘we can’t do it all.’ That’s the negative and misleading attitude that leaves us unmotivated and unwilling to explore fulfilling engagements.
We can better manage our time and prioritize by starting slow, which provides us with the best chance of attaining our goals, leading healthy, positive lives. Taking the first plunge in the right direction is oft the most difficult part of establishing a realistic regime, but it is worthwhile.
We can take the necessary steps to ensure all of our needs our met including getting plenty of rest. There is nothing more important than feeling our absolute best, and there’s no reason why we shouldn’t.