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Rio Olympics

5 Rotten Lows and 6 Jubilant Highs To Watch For In Rio

Tomorrow night begins the Olympics. And while seemingly all Olympic games pull tens of millions of viewers into the celebration of “other” sports (i.e. sports we only care about once every four years) amid a cloud of scandal, uncertainty and worries (Vancouver without snow; Sochi without snow and with inadequate facilities and...


PTSD, Substance Abuse, Our Veterans, And What You Can Do

Killing The Breeze has been advocating for our veterans, especially those who may be facing a difficult time, since inception, including our feature on Chris Miller. We have also highlighted some of the educational opportunities and benefits reserved exclusively for veterans upon their return home. Elizabeth Turner works with a...

Silvio Trump

How To Copy Italian Greatness To The Letter: Elect Silvio Trump

With Trump’s recent call for Russia to hack his opponents’ emails (a proxy-Watergate except standards of conduct are so twisted in this foul year of our lord 2016 that what used to be considered an impeachable (or at least inconsolably treasonous) offense is written off as just more campaign bluster)(though misuse of email...