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Food is the great unifier that connects us across cultures and generations. We have all had those moments when we smelled something that reminded us of our childhood, or recreated a dish that we had abroad that immediately brought us back to that foreign place.

It can quite literally propel us to another time, another country, another culture without even leaving your dinner table, which is why it’s such an important way that we as people are able to connect and relate to one another.

Food culture (by definition) refers to the practices, attitudes, and beliefs as well as the networks and institutions surrounding the production, distribution, and consumption. It’s the connection, thoughts, and experience we have with it.

It incorporates our cultural heritage and ethnicity, but is not limited to it. Our food culture is as much about our ethnic cultural heritage, as it is about our environmental culture and the way our surrounding impact what we eat and the way we experience it.

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