The Breeze: Who Is Angela Cobb?

angela cobb

Angela Cobb thrives here.

Our sit down with the platonically irresistible, recovering tomboy, standup comic Angela Cobb.


Angela Cobb

New York City-based Angela Cobb is a stand-up comic whose self-deprecating charm, nonchalant intellect, and unflinching honesty make her a favorite among audiences in the Big Apple and beyond. Cobb was a semi-finalist in the 2013 She-Devil Comedy Festival, a featured act in the first annual Stand-Up 360 Comedy Festival, and has appeared in a series of humorous political videos for the educational website She also worked as the warm up comic for Clifton King’s compelling one-act play “The Burnstroms,” which ran at The Producer’s Club theater in the spring of 2013.
This fast-rising comic has appeared on ComedyTime TV and can be seen regularly at Broadway Comedy Club, New York Comedy Club, and countless alternative venues throughout the city. Additionally, for the past three years she has been co-producer and host of “Fun Size & Venti,” a popular monthly stand-up show on Manhattan’s upper east side.

It’s Just Different

A pair of New York City comedians decided to give guys a taste of the harassment regularly suffered by women on city streets. Funnywoman Soojeong (SJ) Son ambushed men in Bryant Park with vulgar come-ons while her comedy partner, Ginny Leise, trailed behind to record the interactions. The comics targeted a specific kind of invasion, something they call “drive-by street harassment” — the creepy tactic of whispering an offensive statement in a woman’s face before hustling away.
“I don’t think men are aware this type of street harassment happens at all, because it generally only happens to women alone,” Leise of Astoria, Queens told the News. But the “harassed” men didn’t seem too intimidated by the petite stranger. Most laughed or at least smiled as Soojeong bolted away. The guerilla social experiment left the comedy duo’s targets stunned — and usually grinning. “They loved it!” the two concluded after a string of sexually explicit sneak attacks. “The lesson here is that no one learned anything,” Leise said.”

Kwaisi France

An 80's baby forged in the 90's and unleashed upon the world in the 21st century, Kwaisi France is a Baltimore raised Brooklyn resident.

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