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Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution: World History Unit 2, Lesson 9:

The Napoleonic wars resulted in realization and action taken by countries to improve, largely impacting industrialization in Britain, the United States and Europe. Although the Industrial Revolution began in Britain during the 1700’s it was boosted in the early 1800’s after the Napoleonic wars with industrialization spreading throughout Europe and...

Judy Chicago

Judy Chicago at the Brooklyn Museum of Art

  How often is it that we absorb an exhibition, relishing in its beauty, while understanding its ideological undertones? Do we ever engage in genuine critical analysis of a piece, seeing beyond the obvious images displayed to us? Looking beyond can often become the precursor for controversy, as observers delve...

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

  Last Sunday, we celebrated International Women’s Day honoring the brave, resilient, diverse, talented, and amazing women who make our world go round. I’ve discussed how women need to recognize their inherent worth, and International Women’s Day commemorates the achievements of the women who raised us and the women we will...