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So You Think Florida Weather Is “Nice?”

All the time, my non-Floridian friends tell me how jealous they are of how lucky I am to live in Florida. “You have palm trees,” “You have endless summers,” “You have the beach,” and every other Florida perk is recited to me each time we talk, ever. Yeah, Florida is...


When You Put a Floridian in the North

  I’ll admit it, I love the cold. I LOVE visiting the north during the winter season and getting to wear those winter coats I bought in my South Florida Nordstrom department store. I may only get to wear these trendy coats once or twice a year, but man do...

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From The South With Love, In A Hurry

Floridians Normally around this time of the year, Florida starts to warm up. We’ve had our fair share of “cold” days that dipped, maybe, below 50 degrees, and by now we’re already in the midst of planning our spring getaways. Even a few of our winter days have been spent...