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seeking refuge

Maria Chimes In: Episode 10 – Seeking Refuge

  In this week’s segment of Maria Chimes In, we chronicle our favorite haunts to seek refuge when the city transforms into the concrete jungle, aka, for a fleeting period loses its dreamlike appeal. As NYU graduates, we reminisced about our time spent in Greenwich Village, in the midst of Washington Square Park, and surrounded...


The Evolution of On Campus Depression

  The doe-eyed enthusiasm and sentiment of invincibility hasn’t altogether left me after nearly eight months of being an official ‘alumnus.’ I can still taste the late night excursions to Mamoun’s Falafel on MacDougal Street, feel the energy from the daily performers in Washington Square Park, and hear the sagacious...

Never Can Say Goodbye: NYC Is Special

I have always loved New York City, having been born to first-generation parents and native New Yorkers. Everyday invoked a sense of aspiration, and the ability to pursue my wildest dreams and heavily guarded pursuits. It filled me with an ineffable emotion that, after five years of calling NYC home,...