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Dear Russia

Breaking Story: To Russia With Love, Merry Christmas, Donnie

While digging through the dumpster outside of Trump Towers (aka White House North) our hardworking team at Killing the Breeze found this letter crumpled up in a copy of How Washington Actually Works for Dummies  that had been sandwiched between what appeared to be two broken halves of a Trump Tower Grill taco...

Silvio Trump

How To Copy Italian Greatness To The Letter: Elect Silvio Trump

With Trump’s recent call for Russia to hack his opponents’ emails (a proxy-Watergate except standards of conduct are so twisted in this foul year of our lord 2016 that what used to be considered an impeachable (or at least inconsolably treasonous) offense is written off as just more campaign bluster)(though misuse of email...


Putin Is A Trump Guy And Vice Versa

  Donald Trump has said it’s a “great honor” that Russia’s Vladimir Putin called him “talented,” and is defending the Russian strongman over his record of murdering journalists. While Trump has indicated that he wants Russia to fight ISIS, he must think it impossible to voice opposition to a no-fly...