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final four

Final Four Picks Based On The Best NBA Prospects

We prefer pro sports to college sports because professional athletes are better than non-professional athletes generally. In a sport like basketball, individual great players can determine the outcome of individual games, which is how we look at the road to the Final Four. It’s a series of individual one-game scenarios...

T Swift

No More Shade for T Swift

  I’ve thrown in the towel. It was sometime between first hearing “Blank Space” and then “Style” when I realized my agitation with T Swift had to cease. My down-right obsession with “Blank Space” began as more of a parody than a genuine appreciation that I now have for the song– elevating the volume...


Why We Celebrated Valentine’s Day

  The world is full of cynicism, and too many people carry out their lives skeptical of their surroundings, with their hearts and minds closed off their hearts to the unknown possibilities that beckon. With Cupid’s favorite holiday, cynics can discover the opportunity to shed skepticism and invite positivity.    Valentine’s Day...