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How Finals Can Make You Sick

Finals week is the absolute worst part of the semester. You spend about 15 weeks of your life trying to learn endless amounts of information and make the best grades you can, only to have that grade you worked so hard for be dependent on this one last test. Even...


Wander Talks: Episode 13 – Marta Gorecka

  This week’s episode of Wander Talks focused on the idea of distractions. Primarily, on the distractions that come with studying and germs. I sat down with my friend Marta Gorecka, the inspiration for one of my articles about germaphobia. We spent the entire day studying for multiple tests that...


4 Things That Maximize Studying in the Library

  Every student knows the struggles of exam weeks. Somehow, all of your professors decide to schedule their exams on the same exact week, and you’re left wanting to cry and immediately drop out of school because each of these tests are back-to-back and are the “hardest” of the semester....