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Top 30 Hip Hop and Rap Albums of 2015 Courtesy Of KTB

  27 of our 30 albums charted number one on Billboard’s Hip and R&B or Rap charts for atleast 1 week. Nicki Minaj dropped in 2014 despite appearing on the January 2015 charts. Our albums were ranked according to three criteria:   Attention Grabbing It’s not about whether we liked...

to pimp a butterfly

My Gripe With “To Pimp A Butterfly”

  So let’s get right to it. Yesterday, March 24th, I listened to “To Pimp A Butterfly“, from start to finish, for the 4th time. It was a struggle. Matter of fact, by the end of that super believable and intriguing exchange between he and 2Pac, I had to force myself to get...

joakim noah

Channeling Joakim Noah on To Pimp A Butterfly

  I didn’t want to write this piece similar to the one on Ebola when everyone was scared that it was an actual, serious threat to humanity for I should be linkbuilding, interlinking, tagging, editing, podcasting, shooting, scheduling guests, or further developing our programs for KTB Media and KTB University....