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Maria Chimes In: Episode 2 – Kathryn Tam

Killing The Breeze presents Episode 2 of Maria Chimes In . Last week, Maria spoke with Brooklyn Based artist Rina Prel. This week Maria sits down with fellow NYU alum and avid social media user Kathryn Tam to talk about the age of social media.     Foresight in the Age...


How Screens Fail to Reflect Ourselves

  Social media is the wildest experiment in human interaction that a culture has ever witnessed, challenging all modes of prior communication, and providing a strange platform that is both personal and impersonal. Online ‘social networking’ is no new enterprise — it marked its territory on the lives of millennials in 2002 with...


Tinder Talk: Analyzing The New Dating App

  As if social media hasn’t gotten more intertwined in our personal lives, another application was created within the past few years that was aimed at dating. And yes, you guessed it, it’s good old Tinder. After growing in popularity, it has become both a simple vessel of eligible dates...