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Meek Mill

What You Should Know About the Latest with Meek Mill

Beef: It’s what’s on Twitter. Tuesday night & early Wednesday morning, Meek Mill’s Twitter became the very definition of zero chill. He accused Drake of using ghostwriters, and Rick Ross, OG Maco, Boi-1da, Roscoe Dash, Questlove, and Chrissy Teigan jumped in with their thoughts.  The Rant After sharing a few choice words about girlfriend...


The Breeze: What Happened To Yeezus?

Killing The Breeze dissects Kanye’s Yeezus. We go through all ten tracks offering strong opinions on both the work and the man himself. Courtesy of Wikipedia: Yeezus Yeezus is the sixth studio album by American hip hop recording artist and producer, Kanye West. It was released on June 18, 2013...


The Breeze: How To Make Sense of Control

  TV personality Nadeska Alexis breaks down the fall-out from Kendrick Lamar’s controversial verse with KTB.     Courtesy of XXL:   Control It was the verse that woke up the rap game and made everyone start looking around and eyeing each other uncomfortably; King Kendrick, still on the ascent...


The Breeze: What Is It That Will Make It News?

  Are Beyonce’s hair, Trayvon Martin, Johnny Manziel, and the adventures of Maclee all news?     Courtesy of The National Center for Fair and Open Testing:   Experts agree that defining news can be a difficult task. Most journalists agree that the following eight elements make up what is...

asher conniff

The Breeze: Asher Conniff Will Make You Believe

  Our discussion with professional poker player Asher Conniff and a discussion of race and politics in Trayvon’s America with a KTB moderated panel that Asher joins as well.     Courtesy of rt.com:   The card game of poker has been officially accepted by the International Mind Sports Association...

Natraj Bhushan

KTB Political Roundtable: Natraj Bhushan

    Courtesy of Decide NYC:   About the Candidate Natraj Bhushan is a lifelong resident of Brighton Beach. He has previously worked as an attorney and co-founded Green Clearinghouse, Inc. a non-profit corporation aimed at improving access to green technologies for underserved communities. Bhushan has emphasized his previous experience...