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Mad Men

Was Mad Men Good For You?

    Mad Men is the reason I watch so much television. If it wasn’t for Matthew Weiner’s fictional opus I don’t know if I would be as big a television fan. If I remember correctly, Mad Men premiered during my junior year of college and I became fascinated by...


What Can You Really Expect From TV?

A few weeks ago, Grey’s Anatomy fans all over were crushed by the unexpected death of a beloved main character. It was tragic, depressing, and took the show in a direction no one anticipated. To be honest, it made little to no sense in the series at all, and the...

True Detective

True Detective: Tune In To Sensational Please

People, including my friends, are skeptical when it comes to introduction of new books, movies, television etc. While I don’t know much about scripted television, I do watch a lot of it. Airing Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO, True Detective is a slow cooker. That’s probably not the most...