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We Are Not Immune To This Monumental Petrobras Taint

Brazil is now officially another BRIC in the wall of shame. Less than 10 years ago the BRIC nations were all the rage; the great emerging markets promising record profits, inviting investors, entrepreneurs, builders to the newest gold rush. But China’s growth is grinding down like a worn brake pad...

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Republican Party Mouthpieces Did This To Themselves

  National Review, the leading publication of conservative thought, has published a full throated rejection of Donald Trump. Unfortunately, they are the people (along with others) that created the mess the Republican Party is currently in.   The Republican Party Did This To Themselves They fostered the Tea Party, now...

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New York Values Means Ted Cruz Is Finished

  I’m from Baltimore and lived in New York for eight years now, Brooklyn for five. I’m a Baltimorean at heart and I will always love Baltimore, but New York is awesome. It 100% represents what’s great about America. Excuse my language as I can get a bit effusive in...

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How Trump Can Hit Ted Cruz From The Right

  The GOP debate tomorrow is must see TV with the emerging battle between the two frontrunners. I believe Trump can hit Ted Cruz from the right, but let’s set the scene first. Alexis Levinson: Donald Trump appears to be itching for a fight with Ted Cruz, after the New...