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iheartradio music awards 2015

Broader Social Messages of iHeartRadio Music Awards 2015

  iHEART RADIO MUSIC AWARDS 2015 The iHeartRadio Music Awards got off to a shaky start on Sunday evening, with an awkward performance from “Best New Artist” nominee Iggy Azalea. No surprise that Taylor Swift took home (earned) 3 awards for “Artist of the Year,” “Song of the Year – Shake...


Maria Chimes In: Episode 12 – We Are Made of Music

    MUSIC AS A UNIFYING FORCE This week on Maria Chimes In, co-host Kathryn Tam and I delved into a topic that is intrinsic to our spirits, but one we have yet to thoroughly examine: music. We believe whole-heartedly that music of all types transcends differences and is a universal, unifying force....

dress record

Setting the Dress Record Straight

  Kim Kardashian tried to break the internet once, but last week’s dress controversy got the job done. Unless you’ve been hibernating in the Siberian mountains, or are colorblind, it’s doubtful you haven’t formed an opinion about the notorious blue/black, white/gold dress debate that surfaced from the Scottish island of...

T Swift

No More Shade for T Swift

  I’ve thrown in the towel. It was sometime between first hearing “Blank Space” and then “Style” when I realized my agitation with T Swift had to cease. My down-right obsession with “Blank Space” began as more of a parody than a genuine appreciation that I now have for the song– elevating the volume...

sound of money

Paper Chase: The Sound of Money

  With the direction of the economy upwards, tapering has been a hot topic in bond market. When will the fed raise rates is the question. While rates may rise sooner than the market expects, the ten year may not rise to more than 3%. Short term bonds could rise...