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Articles of Confederation

Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation are one of the constitutional influences featured in the KTB Prep American Government and Civics series designed to acquaint users with the origins, concepts, organizations, and policies of the United States government and political system. The goal is greater familiarization with the rights and obligations of...

everyone pays

Everyone Pays Because Everyone Benefits

  Everyone pays because everyone benefits is the theme of the Bernie Sanders’ tax plan which would raise $15.3 trillion over the next decade, according to an analysis released by the non-partisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (TPC). The plan would raise another $25.1 trillion in the subsequent 10 years. The...

thought you left

De Blasio’s NY: I Thought You Left?

  “You don’t want to penalize high earners. Once they leave, who are you going to get to replace them?” “Other high earners?” was my usual reply to that statement which was associated with someone’s fear of a De Blasio Administration eagerness to tax away his or her’s earnings. Well,...