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robert griffin iii

The Life And Times of Robert Griffin III

  The Washington Redskins announced the release of Quarterback Robert Griffin III. He was informed of his release two days before his $16.15 million 2016 salary would have taken effect. The former No. 2 overall NFL draft pick did not play a single down in 2015. What the hell happened?...


Relocation Like We’ve Never Seen Before In The NFL

  The Chargers, Raiders, and Rams have filed relocation papers. After agreement from city officials, the moving of a team requires approval of 24 of the league’s 32 owners. Somebody somewhere is going to lose their NFL team this offseason, and Los Angeles will have professional football next year.  ...

BCS Wrapped Up

What Happened? We saw USC absolutely destroy Oklahoma in the 2005 championship. The Trojans would have to vacate the win because Pete Carroll takes liberties with rules. We saw Alabama have the only shutout of the era in a rematch of the SEC Championship game in 2012. We saw Vince...