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“Female” Being Sexist and Tweets Being Racist Are Not Mutually Exclusive

“Female” and the sexist connotations with it along with racism having the backdrop of Cam Newton and reporter Jourdan Rodrigue are the focus of this piece I finished writing in 2017.  Cam Newton is not used to a woman asking him questions about receivers running routs. Jourdan Rodrigue, the reporter...

joan didion

Musings on Joan Didion

  It is perhaps inherent to the human condition to be unable to accept reality, to confront it with all of its flaws and fallacies, mishaps and injustices. We are frightened by truth and often prefer to see life as an illusion, a mirage that attempts to negate all that we...


What Kind of Woman Are You?

  Yesterday’s article highlighted the perils of avid indoor tanning, and argued that self-image issues and accessibility were at the root of the problem for this growing public health concern. Overwhelmed by explicit requirements and statements on beauty, our girls enter adolescence, followed by adulthood, with a narrow vision of who they should be. As...