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Pumpkins and Social Media

  Pumpkins From ABCNews:   “Local police in New Hampshire are setting up a task force to investigate violent disturbances near Keene’s annual pumpkin festival that led to property damage, dozens of arrests and many injuries over the weekend.   The parties around Keene State University coincided with the Keene...


Why Do I Talk To Racists? Why Not?

  What am I losing by talking to racists particularly online? Could I possibly make them more racist? If I am talking to a racist, the very worst that can result from our conversation is that they remain a racist. Oh well. If they rethink a couple of their positions,...

Michael Sam

Here Are 5 Important Reasons That Michael Sam Matters

University of Missouri defensive end, Michael Sam, announced to his teammates last fall that he was gay. Sam went on to become the co-SEC defensive player of the year and a First Team All-American. Most of the world is finding out Michael Sam is openly gay today, and, as expected, the...