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Strengthened By His Haters: Obama Down The Home Stretch

  Pollingreport.com posted the latest polls by several organizations probing Americans’ recent opinions about President Obama’s job performance. Most results showed approval of his job performance averaging 45-46% while disapproval was 48-49%.   However, a CNN/ORC poll conducted June 26-28 showed the President’s job approval at 50% while 47% disapproved....

millennial impact

The Millennial Impact Is Already Being Felt

  We must engage our youth. We can not settle for selfies.   I’ve previously discussed the idea that our generation and those to come will not be lost, but found. Armed with the potential, creativity, and awareness, they will be the ‘movers and shakers’ — the ones to get it...

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Communication Technology And Its Pitfalls

  NYT columnist David Brooks and I disagree on mostly… everything, but a recent column of his “Leaving and Cleaving” sheds light on the communication dilemmas triggered by technology. Today a breakup or unsalvageable friendship is mired in constant awareness — a self-imposed recognition of what the other is still doing.   SOCIAL...


What Happens When Ellen Does Her Thing: 2014 Oscars

  Ellen I like Ellen DeGeneres. I like her talk show and her humor, even though it’s a little safe and definitely not risqué. But what I enjoyed about her hosting the Oscars is that she’s just as big a deal as any of the celebrities in attendance. She’s not...