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Is Yemen just the first anti-terror ally to abandon Trump?

We’ve lost Yemen. The first casualty in Trump’s embrace of the global fashion trend isolationism is a Middle East nation and key player in America’s war on terror, one that has continued to help us despite many years of US drone strikes that have killed civilians and flattened villages. President 45 ran on...

Dear Russia

Breaking Story: To Russia With Love, Merry Christmas, Donnie

While digging through the dumpster outside of Trump Towers (aka White House North) our hardworking team at Killing the Breeze found this letter crumpled up in a copy of How Washington Actually Works for Dummies  that had been sandwiched between what appeared to be two broken halves of a Trump Tower Grill taco...

Silvio Trump

How To Copy Italian Greatness To The Letter: Elect Silvio Trump

With Trump’s recent call for Russia to hack his opponents’ emails (a proxy-Watergate except standards of conduct are so twisted in this foul year of our lord 2016 that what used to be considered an impeachable (or at least inconsolably treasonous) offense is written off as just more campaign bluster)(though misuse of email...

Russia Uefa clash

In Epic Russian Uefa Clash, Sport Mirrors Euro Politics

There are people out there who don’t like our western way of life. Who see us as pompous bullies, who take every opportunity to issue edicts against us and our European allies. Who take over territory and declare it theirs using underhanded subversive violence, claiming historic ownership to justify the...


You Need To Know Why Islam Is Not Inherently Violent

  Ascribing inherent violence to any religion has its roots in secular philosophy and therefore only scores points against the religious people who use that line of reasoning. The opinion that Islam is somehow necessarily more violent than Christianity is fairly recent and in no sense part of any hard...