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NFL Playoff

NFL Playoff 2016 Divisional Round Predictions

  The NFL Playoff Divisional Round is set. The round is chock full of home underdogs.   NFL Playoff Divisional Round The oddsmakers made Kansas City (3), Pittsburgh (2.5), and Seattle (5.5) favorites on the road in the opening round of the postseason. The only wild card that is an...

Fantasy Football 2015

I Got You: A Guide To Fantasy Football 2015

  August is here which means it’s Fantasy Football 2015 time. We’re 100 mock drafts in and have the lay of the land for this year’s draft. In addition to this overview of 2015, we will give you a spot by spot draft to give you a better idea of...


Barkley Is Right: Why It Doesn’t Matter

Charles Barkley made what some found to be interesting comments on reports emanating from the Seattle Seahawks locker room that certain players felt quarterback Russell Wilson was “not black enough”. I am not going to address the reasons why because the whole notion is silly on it’s face. (Can you...