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digital salsa

Paper Chase: Digital Salsa

  Stocks closed 2014 at near record levels as the Dow finished positive for a 6th straight year up 7.5%. This is the longest run of positive gains since 1991 through 1999.   The S&P 500 ended the year up 11%. This is now 3 straight years of double digit...


Your Health Can’t Wait

  The New Year means a few things: broken resolutions and over-crowded gyms. Despite the shortcomings, the New Year also symbolizes the human desire to be better than yesterday—to be persistent with one’s goals and honest with one’s abilities. It is important to remember that if our health objectives aren’t...


New Year Resolutions: Stop the Hate

  It’s a universal law of humanity: with the New Year comes New Year resolutions. Whether it be eating more vegetables, seeing relatives more often, or refusing to make any resolutions at all, January 1st is filled with people mentally and verbally announcing to themselves that they will stick to...