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These Are The Iowa Caucuses And How They Work

  The doors to caucus sites—1,681 Republican, and 1,681 Democratic—across the state of Iowa will close at 7 PM on Monday, February 1. Steven Yaccino and Dorothy Gambrell explain how the process works.   Iowa Caucuses For both Republicans and Democrats, the Iowa Caucuses start with candidate representatives giving speeches....


Trump, Bernie, and the Primary Process In 2016

  Presidential primaries are the selection process to determine which candidate will appear on the ballot for a given political party in the nationwide general election. At the national convention, the delegates of the parties choose who they want to run for President. Delegates to the national convention are chosen...


Broadband: How And Where The GOP Lost It’s Way

Two bedrock principals of Republican ideology are state’s rights and free markets. However in the current landscape of corporate controlled broadband access, these two pillars are at odds. Many states have limited broadband choice by blocking competition and granting monopolies. The Obama administration through the FCC seeks to improve competition by...