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What’s Happening To Religion In America?

  Religion is suffering from generational replacement. Older generations in America, which were very heavily Christian, are passing away, and they’re being replaced by younger cohorts that are far more unaffiliated, not only than older generations are today, but than those older generations ever were. Within any self identifying group,...

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Let Me Blow Your Mind: The Civil War Was About Slavery

  Falsehood and historical illiteracy are inexcusable in the age of information that we are currently living in. For some reason, people have a knack for believing what they want to believe. This ever changing reality always meets their standards and convinces them they are in the right irrespective of...

Michael Sam

Here Are 5 Important Reasons That Michael Sam Matters

University of Missouri defensive end, Michael Sam, announced to his teammates last fall that he was gay. Sam went on to become the co-SEC defensive player of the year and a First Team All-American. Most of the world is finding out Michael Sam is openly gay today, and, as expected, the...