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Endorsing Reality Within The Democratic Party Primary

  President Obama is seemingly endorsing reality within the Democratic Primary. Marisa Schultz writes: President Obama is trying to boost Hillary Clinton by saying that he had an unfair advantage over her in 2008 because the press was in his corner and she had to meet high expectations, which included...


What Can You Really Expect From TV?

A few weeks ago, Grey’s Anatomy fans all over were crushed by the unexpected death of a beloved main character. It was tragic, depressing, and took the show in a direction no one anticipated. To be honest, it made little to no sense in the series at all, and the...


Game’s Dating Show: What Happened To The Other One?

  Since the taping of part 2 of the “Love and Hip Hop: New York” Reunion finished airing on Monday night, it’s only right that VH1 provides us with another outlet to waste our precious time. Yup, you guessed it, another reality show. This time it will take place in California...

joan didion

Musings on Joan Didion

  It is perhaps inherent to the human condition to be unable to accept reality, to confront it with all of its flaws and fallacies, mishaps and injustices. We are frightened by truth and often prefer to see life as an illusion, a mirage that attempts to negate all that we...