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Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Looks Like A Viable Candidate This Cycle

  Libertarian and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson has announced his 2016 presidential candidacy. Johnson was a registered Republican during his two terms as governor before earning the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination in 2012, getting 1,275,923 total votes. Johnson had until recently been working for a startup selling...


Rand Won Last Night’s Debate

As there are so many candidates, I will only discuss the ones that left an impression on me. Unfortunately, the way these debates are being conducted with numerous candidates all supposedly being allotted a certain amount of time will make it virtually impossible to rule out any candidates.   John...

Rand Paul

Rand Paul Will Make You Think About The GOP

  Rand Paul is not your typical Republican, and many within the GOP resent that. Before dismissing his candidacy, the GOP should remember they aren’t that popular. The 2014 midterms were about Democrats running away from Obama similar to Republicans demotivating their own base by making them virtually indistinguishable from...