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The Bigger Picture Of The 2015 Grammys

  While the whole world (and by whole world I essentially am referring to the Twittersphere) was consumed by Kanye’s almost virtual reenactment of the stunt he pulled at the 2009 VMA’s, I ask that we look past that and recognize the powerful messages that were sent by artists Pharrell...


Words of Wisdom From Hov

  As racial tensions brew, and race relations remain the topic of conversation, a voice of reason has emerged. While a number of entertainers in the public eye have voiced their concerns about recent deadly police encounters, we turn to a familiar voice of reason that resonates with all races....

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The Breeze: Asher Conniff Will Make You Believe

  Our discussion with professional poker player Asher Conniff and a discussion of race and politics in Trayvon’s America with a KTB moderated panel that Asher joins as well.     Courtesy of rt.com:   The card game of poker has been officially accepted by the International Mind Sports Association...


Kanye West and “Placism”

  Kanye West recently conducted an interview with Zane Lowe on the BBC which elicited one of two reactions. Ride or die Yeezy fans ate up every word, while a majority of people wrote it off as the rants of a megalomaniac.     Rethinking Kanye I initially fell into...