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Elizabeth Warren Meets Bernie’s Fans

  Hillary Clinton, Cecile Richards, Elizabeth Warren. Three liberal progressive women who have found themselves in the crosshairs of Bernie Sanders supporters for daring to cross his progressive army. Am I surprised? Of course not. I’ve seen it up close.   I have talked at length about Sanders supporters and...


Capitalist, Progressive, Liberal and Proud

  It’s popular to want to get rid of labels nowadays, but I don’t understand why. Labels are absolutely necessary because they allow people to tell one thing from another. The problem arises not because things are different and labeled as such, but in the treatment because they are different...

Obamacare: A View From The Middle by Wally Pinkard

Obamacare: A View From The Middle

Will Obama’s young supporters ensure Obamacare’s survival against their own financial interest? It is well documented that youth were key to the Obama campaign’s success in 2008 and 2012. Much of the campaigns success was predicated on getting youth engaged in the political process and approaching them in the digital...