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President Trump

How I Learned to Stop Despairing and Accept President Trump

I’ve spent probably a few hundred hours in the last 8 months writing articles about Trump’s unfitness for president, about how damaging many of his policies and stances will be and how he will combine the disastrous age of Silvio Berlusconi with the alienating age of Duterte to generally fuck up...

President Trump

President Trump Takes Fear and Loathing To The Next Level

When men can hate without risk, their stupidity is easily convinced, the motives supply themselves.” – Louis-Ferdinand Celine, “Journey to the End of the Night” Donald Trump is now the Republican presidential nominee. President Trump. Good God. After months of rational people saying it could never happen; after countless jokes and,...

Kanye as President, What Would It Look Like?

Using our patented KTB BreezeScope™ to look at potential futures, we located a news report from April 30, 2021, 100 days after Kanye West was sworn into office as The President of the United States of America.  Many called him crazy when he announced his presidential aspirations 5 years ago at the MTV...