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Sheldon Richardson, Paid to be a Reckless Asshole

You guys hear about that Sheldon Richardson arrest; the 24 year old, highly paid professional football player for the NFL franchise, The New York Jets? Allegedly… He was caught drag racing at speeds exceeding 140 miles an hour. He took the cops on a merry high speed chase through a...


Why Occupy was Bartleby in the 21st Century

  September 17, 2011 marked a critical moment in the history of protest movements in the United States. Unity, passion, and voices refusing to be silenced came together in Zuccotti Park to oppose the face of inequality. “We are the 99%” has come be to recognized as a statement of refusal,...


Power: Analysis & Review

  Starz new street crime drama Power executive produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson offers a very slick fusion of New York City club life and the seedy world of the high-end drug trade. Power is the brainchild of Courtney Kemp Agboe, Emmy nominated writer/ producer from popular shows such...