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Why Keeping It Positive Is The Key To Your Sanity

  Everyone has days that include nothing but negativity and ultimatums. The pressure of school and work and other aspects of life will occasionally build up to amounts that seem unbearable, and you’ll be left feeling like your only options are to lay in bed or to completely relinquish all...

Wellness Month

Time to Focus: Wellness Month

  March is Wellness Month, and it just so happens that the month dedicated to feeling our best coincides with the onset of warmer weather. Too many of us are coming off of this winter feeling sluggish and out of sorts.   Our bodies need upkeep, and since we’ve likely...

living well

4 Ways “Living Well” Is Not “Old” Luxury

  Simplicity is the spice of life. When we reduce toxins — both in our relationships and in the foods we consume — our lives become more manageable and negativity is replaced with positivity. It is necessary that we eliminate the harmful substances that leave us feeling anything less than...