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Dr. Ben Carson

Dr. Ben Carson Is In: Get That Dough

  Dr. Ben Carson is a brilliant neurosurgeon who has never run for office and knows little when it comes to policy outside of health care. He is running for president, but according to Jim Geraghty, his campaign team has few staffers focused on a detailed policy agenda for the...


Citizens Need The Media To Be Fully Engaged

The dissemination of a wide variety of verifiable viewpoints is essential for individuals to formulate their own conclusions about the economic state of our nation, Washington’s foreign policy, the international community and the United States’ active or inactive participation in world crises. It is the responsibility of both the FCC...


Why Occupy was Bartleby in the 21st Century

  September 17, 2011 marked a critical moment in the history of protest movements in the United States. Unity, passion, and voices refusing to be silenced came together in Zuccotti Park to oppose the face of inequality. “We are the 99%” has come be to recognized as a statement of refusal,...