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Hypocrisy: The Greatest Factor Fueling a Divided America

Today it seems everybody has a complaint about the state of things in America. Some people think the problem is that we’re too politically correct. Others think the problem is there are too many guns. Some claim America’s problem is that political system is corrupt. Others claim that America’s problem...


Why “Just Do What Cops Tell You To” Is Dangerous

South Carolina officer Ben Fields was fired for slamming a student to the ground and tossing her several feet. The normal arguments defending the act are appearing. We know the argument, and here it is rehashed.   You have to comply with the police instructions. If you just sit there...


Focus On The War More Than The Battles

  Although I was relieved by the indictment of the officers who held Freddie Gray before his death, I haven’t exhaled. I know that it will be very challenging for those charges to stick. I’ve been told that it would have been better that Gray had his hands up begging...