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internet lies

The Charm Podcast w/ Bunny: Internet Lies

  Today on The Charm, I explore some of my most loathed lies of the internet.     Internet Lies There is almost nothing I hate more than easily fact-checkable things being passed around as fact. NOTHING. Not even serial killers. Especially not lady serial killers. I really can’t stand...

Ouija Board

The Charm Podcast w/ Bunny: Spiritualism

Welcome to “The Charm,” a new solo audio venture by Bunny Themelis. I miss being on the main podcast as frequently as I was, but there was stuff I never could get into during those discussions. Mostly nerdy, non-sequitur stuff. Much like my soon-to-be relaunched video series “2Geeky (for the...


The Charm Podcast w/Bunny: BDSM, Marquis de Sade, Kink

Welcome to “the Charm,” a podcast featuring all the odds and eccentricities that comedian and trivia champion Bunny Themelis finds fit to talk about. This week, I delve into risque territory. If you think “50 Shades of Grey” was a boundary-pushing work that really encapsulates kinkiness, well you’re wrong. With...


Obama Shocks Racists in Fascinating Podcast

I’m a regular listener to the WTF podcast by Marc Maron because, duh, I do standup comedy and like long-form conversations. When I heard that Maron landed POTUS for a talk, my curiosity was piqued. Would Maron make it about himself? Would he somehow bring up Lorne Michaels (as he...

spring break

Wander Talks: Episode 11 – Spring Break 2015

    This week’s episode of Wander Talks comes to you from The Atlantic Ocean (well, not exactly). Rachel sits down with her cruise crew, Michal Dumala, Ashley DeRigo, and Jonathan Wang, to talk about their recent endeavor on a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas. This cruise departed on March 5th,...