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7th avenue

Maria Walks: 7th Avenue Sightseeing

  “Until lately the best thing that I was able to think of in favor of civilization, apart from blind acceptance of the order of the universe, was that it made possible the artist, the poet, the philosopher, and the man of science,” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. once said. Civilization,...


The Sweetness of Words

  ‘Vellichor’ is an intriguing word. It stood out to me on one of those mundane and redundant BuzzFeed lists entitled “32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language”.   We all have our obscure and odd guilty pleasures; mine happens to be searching through books, and in this...


The Breeze: Who Is Trappanopolis?

  Brooklyn-based rapper @trappanopolis sits down with the KTB crew to talk pythons, Rottweilers, ticks and much much more. Check out this episode!     Trappanopolis “Trappin can be stressful sometimes. Like Spanish girls.”   Facebook Twitter Instagram   What Is A Rhyme To A Deaf Person? Post by Jarrett...