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Reliable Parental Advice For Adult Life

We’ve all made note of the ridiculous tidbits of advice that our parents used to give us when we were younger. We’d be reminded of little things at the dinner table, “embarrassed” in front of our friends, and scolded after we broke one of these rules. We were little shits...

New York City Parents

This is Why New York City Parents are Little Babies

  Like most performers who’ve made their way in the big city, I’ve had many side jobs. While the majority of my peers seem to wait tables, I prefer dealing with whiny children as opposed to whiny adults. I babysit. Babysitter Extraordinaire I’m the eldest (isn’t ‘eldest’ much more prestigious...

Young Open Hearts

Why Love In College Is Weak

  I’m not sure what love is. I’m not entirely sure what it feels like. I have only been exposed to it as a third party. From high school to my 3rd year of college, I have always asked myself, “is this truly the time in my life that I...