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political correctness

Political Correctness Is The Great Mirror Of Our Society

Political correctness is apparently to blame for the killing of 50 people in a nightclub in Orlando where at least 53 more people were injured. It is the worst mass shooting in the history of the country. Before this event, the deadliest shootings in U.S. history were at Virginia Tech in...

trump campaign

Trump Campaign Rallies Are Hot Spots

  Ryan Lizza writes: Trump has a rule at his rallies: for the fifty minutes before he takes the stage, the only music that can be played is from a set list that he put together. The list shows a sensitive side, mixing in Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” and music...

pro grid

Popular Grid Makes Its Way To Orlando

This past weekend, I traveled to Orlando to witness my first Grid sporting event. The Orlando Outlaws, a new minor league team of the DC Brawlers (National Pro Grid League), held tryouts for their team on Saturday and Sunday at Crossfit Tire Factory. Each day consisted of different credentials for...