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Kobe In Defense Of

Kobe In Defense of Lebron James and Russell Westbrook

  So, right when you thought Kobe Bryant was laying-low, rehabbing his shoulder, enjoying his generous income of $20+ million dollars per year, he caused somewhat of a stir on social media. Moreover, instead of defending why he’s so great, or taking a jab at his teammates behavior after a...

restructuring the nba playoffs

The Blueprint For Restructuring The NBA Playoffs

  Although the records of teams in the Western Conference are better than those of the East, both conferences share the same intriguing story when it comes to the race for the playoffs. Particularly, the race for the 8th seed in the west is literally a toss up between the...


Superstar’s Injury Woes Putting Their Teams At Risk

  Thanks to the #LightSkinBattle, it may have seemed for a moment that I had drifted away from the hardwood. As stated at the end of that piece, unless I hear “Drake caught the fade from Brown,” as Tyga tweeted almost two weeks ago, I will not bother entertaining that...