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Donald Trump Might Keep Aspects of the Affordable Care Act

With president-elect Donald Trump busy putting together his cabinet and getting ready to take office in January, it’s only natural that people are asking questions about how his presidency will affect the various issues facing the country. One of the biggest points during the campaign was whether or not to...

Ryan health plan

Ryan Health Plan Is Simple: Let The Poor Die

  Our new Republican majority will move to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with commonsense alternatives.” – Eric Cantor, 2010 Obamacare has long been the biggest thorn in the GOP’s side, and that’s saying a lot considering the rose bush that has been arguably America’s most successful progressive in modern...


When A Couple Of Decisions Don’t Go Your Way

  In another example of flailing, writhing hysteria over the gay marriage and Obamacare decisions, GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz proposed an amendment to the Constitution that would subject the justices to retention elections. Retention elections are a common feature at the state court level, so the idea is hardly...