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Goodbye 2016, You Were More Foul Than Fair

This has been one foul year of our lord 2016. A lot of good people died. Even more horrible people accomplished horrible things. Poor folks were poisoned by the water they drank, black people were mowed down like fucking animals, transgender people were given rights by the president which were...


When You See Mummers Issuing Apologies, You Know It’s 2016

  Philadelphia Mayor-Elect and other officials denounce hateful acts during the annual Philadelphia New Year’s Day Event. Parade officials banned the performance group Finnegan NYB after members were seen, amongst other things, mocking Caitlyn Jenner, gays and Mexicans. This is the parade’s 116th year running.   Anti-gay, racist incidents mar...


New Year Resolutions: Stop the Hate

  It’s a universal law of humanity: with the New Year comes New Year resolutions. Whether it be eating more vegetables, seeing relatives more often, or refusing to make any resolutions at all, January 1st is filled with people mentally and verbally announcing to themselves that they will stick to...