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Scampaign 2016 Reveals Itself Fully

Rich Lowry breaks down swing-state ad spending from June between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: Colorado: Team Clinton $2.9 million, Team Trump $0 Florida: Team Clinton $7.3 million, Team Trump $0 Iowa: Team Clinton $1.6 million, Team Trump $0 North Carolina: Team Clinton $2.3 million, Team Trump $0 New Hampshire:...


Landslide For Hillary Is Trump’s Meaning

  Presidential elections are a race to 270 electoral votes that turns on maybe a dozen key swing states. Those states are won and lost in a handful of suburban bellwether counties between heavily Democratic cities and heavily Republican rural areas, notes Jim Geraghty. While performance in a primary doesn’t...

This Is What Americans Do Electing The POTUS

  Electoral College Republicans have lost the popular vote in five of the past six presidential elections. The biggest advantage that the Democrats have is that California went from being a reliably Republican state in presidential elections from 1952 through 1988 into a reliably Democrat state beginning in 1992. The...