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delegate math

Sorry Bernie People: Delegate Math Is Undeniable

Hillary Clinton won Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio in the third Super Tuesday of this Democratic primary. Let’s take a look at how unrelenting the delegate math is in the Democratic primary. Delegate Math There are 4763 total delegates in the Democratic Primary. Of those delegates, 4051 are...

ceding the fight

This Is What Happens When You’re Ceding The Fight

Marco Rubio’s feels philosophy is the pre-eminent example of a useless college major. He wants more welders. The anti-intellectualism that runs through the GOP and much of society today is reinforced in the critique of the protests at University of Missouri and Yale. Whether it’s apathy, genuine disinterest, or some...


It’s Protest Season: Missouri

The history of racially charged incidents at the University of Missouri dates back generations. When the university denied admission to black law school applicant Lloyd Gaines, the issue led to an influential 1938 Supreme Court decision that helped pave the way for the civil rights movement. Three decades later, during...