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Brothers and Sisters Podcast #1

The Brothers and Sisters Podcast #1

Brothers and Sisters Podcast #1 Kwaisi France is CEO and co-Founder of KTB Media LLC, an educational media strategy firm. He is a 1999 graduate of the Gilman School, and a 2003 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania earning his B.A in philosophy, politics, and economics with a concentration in...

we're not going back there

Why We’re Not Going Back There

  Change is a bitch, isn’t it? We haven’t lived in Leave It To Beaver land for at least two generations. In my opinion, while there are several factors, these changed everything: equality in pay for women (roughly), college education for women, contraceptives, and the introduction of innovation and modernity...

black family

When You See A Happy Black Family, Think It’s Normal

  These children without fathers is really the issue here. Why don’t black people start with fixing their own families? Everything starts from there.   Is this you? Please stop. What you are lacking is context. The Black Family is doing great all things considered.   Jamestown was 1607. The...