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josh gordon

Josh Gordon’s Tragically Troubled Tale

  Oooooh Josh, poor, poor Josh. As much as I am a fan of your talent, as much as I appreciate you for single-handedly winning me my first fantasy football championship last year, as much as I wanted to sympathize with you when I got word about your letter…I can’t....

2 chainz

2 Chainz Head to Head With Nancy Grace

Heading into the New Year, I thought it would be beneficial to my Instagram browsing to delete some of the people I followed. I was at a standstill when I came across the almighty “hairweavekiller” better known as 2 Chainz. While I am indeed one of the most avid supporters...

the game

The Future of the Game

  “Meadow“, a new San Francisco smartphone app, promises to promptly deliver cannabis to your door. It’s the latest in a new crop of apps for making access to weed easier. The app’s creators claim it delivers medical marijuana to patients in San Francisco’s Bay Area from lawfully operated dispensaries....