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tanning bed

No More Tanning Bed

  Over the weekend, The New York Times published a comprehensive article about the hazards of indoor tanning, a truism we have known for decades, but failed to address them. The article cites the stories of several young women who received skin cancer diagnoses in their twenties. Both tragic and hopeful, their...


Your Health Can’t Wait

  The New Year means a few things: broken resolutions and over-crowded gyms. Despite the shortcomings, the New Year also symbolizes the human desire to be better than yesterday—to be persistent with one’s goals and honest with one’s abilities. It is important to remember that if our health objectives aren’t...


HBO’s Girls to Premiere Jan. 11

  HBO’s lauded comedy Girls is slated to premiere Sunday, January 11th, hopefully picking up where Lena Dunham’s brilliant hilarity left off in season 3. Critics argue that the show’s characters have undergone obscure changes, becoming unrecognizable from prior seasons, but Dunham’s succès d’estime is intrinsic to this very notion.   The cast of Girls...

food stamps

Who Cares About Food Stamp Recipients?

  New Yorkers know the faces of poverty. During a single morning’s commute, we encounter all too many familiar faces of hunger lining the concrete streets. The winter months, snow and sleet hindering our timely arrival to work and school, underscore the stark reality for the 60,000 homeless in New...


Challenging 2015

  As the ‘90s approached its fateful conclusion and we said goodbye to a decade of relative prosperity, while welcoming the “Postmodern” age, the world was on the cusp of embarking on an unforeseeable future; the dawn of the 21st century would send civilization on a teetering peregrination, challenging American...