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Fort Tryon Park

Maria Walks: Fort Tryon Park

  New York City is home to some of the most vibrant and bustling parks. Greenery is a reprieve from the often cold, stark city blocks that we’re permanently attached to as urban dwellers. Human nature ushers us to seek peace and calm, surrounded by the lush, tranquil environment parks...

seeking refuge

Maria Chimes In: Episode 10 – Seeking Refuge

  In this week’s segment of Maria Chimes In, we chronicle our favorite haunts to seek refuge when the city transforms into the concrete jungle, aka, for a fleeting period loses its dreamlike appeal. As NYU graduates, we reminisced about our time spent in Greenwich Village, in the midst of Washington Square Park, and surrounded...


Hello Brooklyn: No One Can Afford It

  Brooklyn used to be synonymous with Biggie and hipsters, and not too long before that many regions of the borough were considered slums. Once home to the Brooklyn Dodgers, Manhattan’s real estate rival is now flourishing with hues of black and white for the Brooklyn Nets — whose arena is a monolith...